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Deeply rooted in our employees are our values, which drive us towards a common sense of purpose to create long lasting value for our stakeholders.

Executive Leadership

Xolane Ndhlovu

Chairman - DafriGroup PLC

Xolane Ndhlovu is a South African/Nigerian billionaire and the Chairman of the Board of DafriGroup PLC. He is responsible for leading the Board and focusing it on strategic matters, overseeing the Group’s business and setting high governance standards. He plays a pivotal role in fostering the effectiveness of the Board and individual Directors, both inside and outside the boardroom.

Prior to that he was the Chief Executive Officer of UMEH Group Ltd — overseeing a portfolio of over 16+ companies that employs nearly 200 people. Under his leadership UMEH enjoyed rapid growth including establishing and acquiring brands such as UMEH Media, Daily Afrika, WIF Global, Royal IVY South Africa, OMAHA Hotels, UMEH Motors and Star Magazine Africa among others.


Non-Executive Leadership

Ramaswamy Easwaran

Chief Executive Officer - DafriBank Limited

Mr. Easwaran is an award winning versatile banker with a career that spans over 18 years. Having worked for some blue chip banks like HSBC, ABN Amro , BNP Paribas, IndusInd Bank. He had multiple roles across verticals some of which are highlighted below, Product Management, rolling out products in the payments and corporate banking channels. End to end product management right from initiation till maturity and decline. Worked in multiple large scale projects and provided successful implementation. Operations, Solutions Delivery and Structuring deals, Business Management which involved data analytics and presentation to the management team on strategy, business development and external bench-marking. Operational efficiency and operational audits Engaging with the regulators for compliance and product approvals. Some of the major projects he had done include: Successful implementation on the core banking project in the bank Payments integration with the banks internal system with the Fintech providers.


Catherine Buhle Anajemba is the current managing director of DafriGroup and the brains behind the Digital Bank of Africa (DBA) project, an efficient payment solution concept that was inspired by the growing dissatisfaction of African digital entrepreneurs who have continued to face unfair restrictions by international money transfer services.

Formerly as Chief Marketing Officer, Catherine was instrumental in securing $5 million startup capital for DafriBank. She was also responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of DafriGroup's marketing, and advertising initiatives. Her unparalleled work ethic, competence, and innovative-thinking soon earned her a well-deserved promotion.


Catherine Anajemba

Managing Director - DafriGroup PLC

Dr. Edward Obasi

Managing Executive - DafriGroup PLC

Dr. Edward Obasi joined DafriGroup PLC in October 2020 as Non-Executive Director. Dr. Obasi is responsible for providing independent oversight and counsel to the DafriGroup Chairman and the other management team. His task includes advising on the best use of financial resources, scrutinizing executive and business performance, and upholding the values of the company amongst other core responsibilities.

Dr. Obasi has over 20 years of professional experience in various companies and industries. Before joining DafriGroup PLC, he was a Senior Financial Analyst at Diamond Foods Inc. in California USA. Prior to this, Dr. Obasi worked in several financial roles in Canada, United States of America and Nigeria.


Inge Laubscher is DafriGroup's Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). She collaborates with other senior management to drive the continued growth and success of DafriGroup and its many subsidiaries. As Chief Compliance Officer, Inge's specific responsibilities includes operational compliance, risk assessment, and implementation of policies to ensure the company has a strong regulatory framework ensuring that it is aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations as DafriGroup remains committed to the highest standards of legal and ethical integrity.


Inge Laubscher

Chief Compliance Director - DafriGroup PLC