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Xolane Ndhlovu

Xolane Ndhlovu

Chairman - DafriGroup PLC

Xolane Ndhlovu is a South African/Nigerian billionaire and the Chairman of the Board of DafriGroup PLC. He is responsible for leading the Board and focusing it on strategic matters, overseeing the Group’s business and setting high governance standards. He plays a pivotal role in fostering the effectiveness of the Board and individual Directors, both inside and outside the boardroom.

Prior to that he was the Chief Executive Officer of UMEH Group Ltd — overseeing a portfolio of over 16+ companies that employs nearly 200 people. Under his leadership UMEH enjoyed rapid growth including establishing and acquiring brands such as UMEH Media, Daily Afrika, WIF Global, Royal IVY South Africa, OMAHA Hotels, UMEH Motors and Star Magazine Africa among others.

Early Life

Born to a Nigerian father and a South African mother in the dusty streets of Burgersfort, a town in Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Better known as Master Ziggy during his reign as a radio/club Disk Jockey. Ndhlovu holds a diploma in media management, BCom Economics and Masters in Business administration. The alchemy success story of Ndhlovu is quite an inspirational one, having reformed from a background riddled with crime into building a R1.7 billion firm being currently chaired by him.


Ndhlovu made his first million dollars in prison investing in startup tech companies through IPOs. In 2016, he became fascinated in a new trendy investment craze, "the crypto blockchain technology" which will later make him his first billion rand fortune. He’s determination to become one of the publicly quoted entrepreneurs can be attributed to his billionaire role model Richard Branson’s autobiography “Losing My Virginity ” which he read while in prison. Inspired by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group he founded UMEH Group and led it to some R500 million evaluation. In 2017, Ndhlovu became one of the early investors in Binance (BNB) with an investment that is now estimated to worth R1.3 billion, making him one of the most successful crypto blockchain investors in Africa. In 2020, DafriGroup PLC merged with UMEH and Ndhlovu became the chairman of the board. 


Xolane Ndhlovu is a notable philanthropist in Africa, he is the founder and the President of The South African Entrepreneurship Centre For Ex- Offenders (SAECEO) which offer a variety of entrepreneurship skill programs to ex-offenders. He has contributed and donated to various educational and poverty fighting campaigns and organizations in countries like South Africa, Namibia, and Nigeria. He’s listed as one of the donors in President Cyril Remaphosa’s Solidarity Response Fund where he donated a half million rand. In 2020, DafriBank Nigeria, a subsidiary of DafriGroup PLC announced a N100 million educational support grant in Nigeria to assist underprivileged children attain quality education.